Factory- Violet Lips

Fearless and dynamic, Factory are a real emerging force on the unsigned music scene at the moment and Violet Lips is only going to enhance this bands claim to being one of the most clinical out there. The opening strains are reminiscent of peak era Oasis but it soon develops with much more brutality. The […]

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It’s 7:45 on a Saturday evening and despite the opening act yet to take the stage the tiny room at the back of The Castle Hotel is packed in sweaty anticipation. From the feel in the room it’s clear that something big is about to happen. See, all these people are here for pretty much […]

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VNETO- Intertwine 

Sat at his drum kit at the back of the stage Matt Williams was a commanding presence in Larkins before his departure from the band at the end of last year. His influence on the band was clear and it was evident that he was a real talent so his departure came as a big […]

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Corella- Barcelona Girl

STOP. Stop everything you are doing. It’s here! The soundtrack to every festival, every holiday, every memory you make this summer that you’ve been looking for has arrived courtesy of Corella.  I literally don’t know where to start with this solid gold piece of indie… Is it the sublime vocals thank to Joel? From the […]

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Kashmere- Hoxton

Blow Your Mind, Porcelain and now Hoxton. The Kashmere indie triumvirate. Hoxton lands and immediately sounds like a future indie disco floorfiller. With elements of peak Two Door Cinema Club blended with the kind of Calypso Indie Pop that so many are attempting but none are carrying out like Kashmere, Hoxton has an instant and […]

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Crimsons- Shy Talk EP

As someone with who gravitates towards to dark, brooding music there is no surprise that Crimsons have come along and had a profound effect on what I listen to. Having previously wowed me with I Bring The Rain and Idle Ways I was delighted to hear of a new EP coming our way, one that […]

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Saytr Play- Mothers Love

I think I may be out of superlatives for this band now but here, goes… Saytr Play have brought us an ode to that strongest of loves, Mothers Love, and it’s a certified summer anthem. I’ll be honest and say that when I saw the title of this track I wandered whether the band may […]

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