The Outreach Project

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Famous Praise:
Clint Boon- “I like their style, It sounds exciting and contemporary without being too derivative.. They’ve already got their own unique sound coming through. It’s Great.”

About them:
I first came across The Outreach Project (TOP) about 18 months ago when i went to see The Rainband (a blog on these soon, great manc band) at an intimate acoustic gig in a small pub in Oldham attended by about 30 people. They opened the night and i knew straight away that they had stole the show! The 4 of them were individually excellent and came together to create a slick, polished set complete with all the trademark solos and i was instantly hooked. By trade they have quite a unique, almost raw sound about them, elements of rock and punk but slick vocals and acoustically they shone. I went home and downloaded the 2 E.P’S they had on offer (for free!!) on soundcloud and i recommend you do the same although to capture their true essence you must see them live.

The band consist of 4 young lads, James on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Kieran on lead guitar, Louie on bass guitar and Jack on drums. The thing that is most striking about the band is their passion for what they are doing. Every one of them gives their all on stage with Jack the drummer singing along to all their songs even when it isn’t his turn on backing vocals.

TOP play with an absolute ease, Louie, with his boyband good looks, plays excellent bass lines around which Jack provides smooth drum beats. Its Kieran on lead guitar who, i think unintentionally, steals the show most of the time. With a mop of stylish afro like hair, he effortlessly leads on guitar. With absolute ease he casually knocks out solo after solo like a charismatic lead guitarist should. His riffs and solos are integral to the sound of TOP and they provide an excellent base for James and his vocals. James has a great, versatile voice. Whether it be required of him to sing softly such as on tracks like ‘House’ or with grit and edge like on ‘She’s In Control’ he does so with ease. He has great stage appeal, able to captivate an audience between songs with wit and humour.

I went to watch The Rainband again earlier this year and was delighted to see The Outreach Project as main support again ( The Rainband’s lead singer Martin has admitted to being a huge fan). They played songs off their upcoming E.P and they sounded a lot more assured than the tracks they already have on their repertoire leaving me eagerly anticipating the release of the E.P.

The Outreach Project have massive potential waiting to be unlocked and i am sincerely hoping that someone snaps these guys up soon and gets them in the studio because with some experienced production and the right team they can be massive, I’m sure of that. Get on their soundcloud, download the E.P’s and get to a gig and let’s hopefully follow them on a long and illustrious journey!





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