Danny Mahon.. A Manchester storyteller

Hear Him:

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Be Friends:   https://www.facebook.com/dannymahonmcr

See Him: @dannymahonmcr on Instagram

Catch him live:  http://www.soundcontrolmanchester.co.uk/events/danny-mahon-friends/

About Him:
As the name to this blog suggests, Danny Mahon is Manchester’s Storyteller. He is Manc and proud and references Manchester in almost every song. Musically he is very very talented, armed with his acoustic guitar, occasional string section and a unique voice he is capable of of easily creating both catchy, upbeat numbers or beautiful heartfelt songs, it is however his lyrics where he is borderline genius. Every song is a mini story that captivates and you’ll find yourself listening and hanging on to every lyric he sings. It’s often an emotional rollercoaster, he can have you laughing with a quick witted tale about a pulling a girl after getting beat up by her boyfriend on Odd Socks or being a chavvy drug dealer on Twat but then flips it and creates beauty and warms your heart with tracks like Four Walls and Salford Skyline.

He has won himself a very hardcore and loyal following and is steadily making a name for himself. Support slots for Manchester stalwarts like Liam Fray, Beady Eye and legends Inspiral Carpets have further enhanced his reputation because his live set is where he shines the most. He will inevitably snap his top string early on but he will play a blinder, even without it. You can see he lives to play live and never disappoints. It can be a difficult task to be on stage alone with just an acoustic guitar and hold an audience but he does it with ease. I saw him support Liam Fray at Ritz and he was quality. He appealed to everyone, including the family next to me. Mum, Dad and daughter all loved him, trouble was the daughter was about 14 and Dad thought he was too “sweary” for her so went to ask at the merch stand for a censored CD, safe to say he didn’t get one. He did buy the “uncut” one though. Tonight (6th June) he supports the Inspiral Carpets again and if like me you were too slow for tickets, which i believe sold out in 15 mins, there is a chance to see him August 8th at SoundControl and I cannot recommend seeing him enough. There is a link for tickets at the top and I will be getting mine soon.

His music is available to stream on soundcloud and YouTube or some is available to buy on iTunes or his store http://dannymahon.bigcartel.com/   whichever way you choose just make sure you do because you need Danny Mahon in your life, we all do!

You can follow me on Twitter @emergingnorth


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