PUPPET REBELLION: Manchesters Future?….


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Be (Chemical) Friends: https://www.facebook.com/PuppetRebellion
See them: @puppetrebellion on Instagram
Catch them live: http://www.puppetrebellion.com/live/

About Them:
Together Simon, Danny, Paul, James and Craig are Puppet Rebellion, one of Manchester’s biggest talents and most powerful bands. Having only formed in early 2013 Puppet Rebellion have already released 2 incredible E.P’s garnering them a dedicated and loyal fanbase.

I first came across Puppet Rebellion on Soundcloud during a random browse at the beginning of the year and one listen to Chemical Friends, the title and lead track off their opening E.P was all it took for me to realise that i was on to something very special. The band have found a way of perfectly blending aggression and melody to create bolshie but undeniably catchy songs.

Chemical Friends is the debut E.P and consists of 3 tracks, ‘Chemical Friends’, ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’ and ‘The New Twenty’. It’s an extremely confident debut with powerful and catchy songs. ‘Chemical Friends’ is a song that showcases everything good about Puppet Rebellion whilst ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’ and ‘The New Twenty’ provide perfectly Indie riffs and clever lyrics. Its a perfect start for the band to show what they can do with Simon sounding like a Manchester frontman should. ‘Chemical Friends E.P’ is as composed a debut E.P as you could wish to find and proved, understandably, to be a perfect introduction to a band ready to take not just Manchester but the U.K by storm.

If ‘Chemical Friends’ was Puppet Rebellion introducing themselves then recently released ‘No Means Yes E.P’ is the band firmly settling themselves as one of the most important upcoming bands we have seen for a long time. ‘No Means Yes’ is a commanding E.P which i have no doubt will bring the attention of not only new fans but also music bigwigs. ‘Pirouette’, ‘Cupboards Painted Red’, ‘Loner in Disguise’ and ‘Green Eyed Monster’ are individually superb but also come together and collectively deliver a punch. I wandered how Puppet Rebellion would top ‘Chemical Friends’ because it set the bar very high in terms of standards but ‘No Means Yes’ sends the bar stratospheric. The E.P is bookended by ‘Pirouette’ and ‘Green Eyed Monster’ which are the combative tracks on the E.P that grip you with ‘Cupboards Painted Red’ and ‘Loner in Disguise’ showing the “softer” side of Puppet Rebellion. For me ‘Green Eyed Monster’ and ‘Pirouette’ are the peak of Puppet Rebellions powers so far, from the heavy drums and catchy bassline to the punchy guitar riffs and Simon being vocally on point they exhibit all that Puppet Rebellion have to offer.

Puppet Rebellion are THE band to look out for in Manchester at the moment and they have a series of gigs coming up soon (see the Catch them live link at the top) so don’t mess about and get yourself to a show and see what all the fuss is about!





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