Gig Preview.. 21st June, Deaf Institute: PUPPET REBELLION, The Backhanders, Moscow and No Hot Ashes

This Saturday, 21st June, Deaf Institute… You cannot afford to not be there. 4 of Manchester’s finest upcoming bands, 1 bill, 1 quality night of music and only 7 quid!

PUPPET REBELLION, The Backhanders, Moscow and No Hot Ashes all epitomize what Indie music should be about and the chance to see them all on the same bill is something not to be missed.

No Hot Ashes:

Psychedelic, Funk, Indie, Experimental.. No Hot Ashes are it all and it comes together to work beautifully. Hailing from Stockport, Isaac, Luigi, Matt and Jack are a band with confidence and swagger that they can back up with their infectious music. Cheeky lyrics, catchy riffs, perfect guitar solos, driving drums and funky basslines, No Hot Ashes are talented, its easy to see and hear. The lads will be a perfect opener, getting the party started with tracks like ‘WOB and Shoot Me’ that will leave you undoubtedly dancing away and I’m sure it isn’t going to be long before these guys are headlining nights like this themselves. Get there early and check them out.. you won’t be disappointed.


Moscow are a 4 piece Post Punk/Rock outfit from Stoke that come to Manchester on the back of 2 excellent, must hear E.P’s, ‘Hell Fire’ and the most recent ‘Pack Animals’ both available from the Bandcamp link above. Moscow will bring a dark, intense and aggressive set which will have you clambering for the aforementioned E.P’s should you not have already downloaded them. As a modern day sounding Joy Divison, I’m sure their set is gonna go down a treat here in Manchester and will earn them a whole new army of fans.

The Backhanders:
The Backhanders are a local 4 piece band consisting of Stephen, Pete, Matty and Ashley. With shades of Oasis and The Stone Roses in their sound (although with every listen I hear a different influence.) The Backhanders will no doubt be a crowd pleaser. They come armed with a great set of songs, ‘Campfire’ has an interesting backstory involving Joe Strummer and his influence (and random lyrics written by him) runs all the way through this quality track. ‘Don’t Let Your Man Know’ is all that The Backhanders are good at, brazen lyricism and energetic vocals from frontman Stephen with the rest of the band bringing a rhythmic backing track that it is impossible not to love. ‘Memory Lane’ is a track that has an archetypal Manchester sound and is my favourite of The Backhanders back catalogue. It’s easy to see why this band are already making a name for themselves around Manchester building up an allegiance of fans, including myself and as long as bands like The Backhanders, No Hot Ashes and PUPPET REBELLION are around then Manchester’s musical future is in more than capable hands.


If you are new to my blog then you can also visit here   for my blog on PUPPET REBELLION.

I will not hide the fact that PUPPET REBELLION are one of my favourite bands and a band that have a massive future, of that I am sure. I am yet to see them live but from what I hear, they are as energetic, gritty and captivating on stage as they are on their opening 2 E.P’s. The band have an incredible stage presence and their energy will no doubt emanate to the audience of which many will be the bands devoted following and will create an electric atmosphere. Tracks like ‘Pirouette’, ‘Green Eyed Monster’ and ‘Chemical Friends’ are going to be jarring whilst ‘The New Twenty’, ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’, ‘Loner In Disguise’ and the sublime ‘Cupboards Painted Red’ will provide the “down time” and show just how versatile PUPPET REBELLION actually are. On the night expect sweatiness, passion, singalongs, dancealongs and a band at the peak of their powers. This could be one of your last chances to catch PUPPET REBELLION in a small venue because they are doubtlessly destined for the biggest venues in Manchester, so go, get involved and marvel at one of Manchester’s finest bands.

The Deaf Institute will be THE place to be on Saturday with 4 bands capable of epic sets and with no ticket sales on the door, you must visit  NOW and FAST.
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