Best of the Rest. Stonefield: Australias Finest

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I’ve spent most of my life listening to the likes of The Doors, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix wishing I could transport myself to the sixties and live a life of peace and love attending festivals like Woodstock. Obviously that’s never going to happen but in May this year I came mightily close to what it must of felt like.

Dot to Dot Festival doesn’t sound like the most obvious place for me to receive my blast from the past but courtesy of Stonefield it was.


I spent a few days trawling soundcloud in search of bands to watch early doors at the festival. (for those of you unaware, it runs from 1530 to 0200 across various venues) Stumbling across Stonefield I knew within seconds I was on to something special.

Whilst not a new band, they seem pretty under the radar on our shores and I feel obliged to share their greatness with you.

Stonefield are Holly, Amy, Hannah and Sarah, 4 sisters (and touring drummer Manny) from rural Australia. Brought up on a musical diet of Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix they wear their influences on their sleeves. From their Kaftans and headbands to their vocals and guitar/keyboard solos, style, sound and substance, the band ooze 60s/70s rock and even in these modern times it works perfectly.


They have so far released ‘Through The Clover EP’, ‘Bad Reality EP’ and their self titled debut album ‘Stonefield’. Downloading these is a must. Should you want to get a feel before you do, head for ‘Love You Deserve’ ‘C’mon’ ‘Put Your Curse On Me’ or my personal favourite ‘Black Water Rising’ (which live was as good as anything I have seen) to get the full flavour of what to expect from this band and their talents. Every member has a telling contribution on every track. From Amy’s rousing vocals and Hannah’s brilliant distorted guitar riffs to Sarah’s distinctive keyboard and Holly’s grooving bassline it’s emotive and passionate and combines seamlessly to form powerful heartfelt rock at it’s best.

Live they come together with their enthusiasm and genuine talent to create a captivating live show. The vocals are off the scale, Amy’s range is incredible by its effortlessness. The rest of the girls bring it too, they seep passion and genuine feeling for what they are doing. There is a time when Amy switches on to drums and gives us a glimpse of the versatility of this band. From start to finish you find you can’t take your eyes off them and I found myself imaging myself in the late 60s and still rocking out to them sounding as they do today and it not sounding out of place just as it doesn’t today nor will it in years to come. Already it’s timeless.

I’m really hoping the U.K at some point will start to embrace Stonefield because I and I’m sure the hundreds of others in attendance and the thousands who will have purchased their stuff want to see and hear more. Once you have give them a listen you doubtless will too.

In Stonefield I trust.


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