The Rainband. ‘Built For Change’

‘Built For Change’


The Rainband have, yesterday, just completed an incredibly successful Italian support slot for the uber cool Paolo Nutini and not just content with smashing it in Italy, they last week released their new single ‘Built For Change’ and It’s a Rainband classic.

The Rainband have proved in the past with ‘Fire’, ‘World We Seek’ and ‘Rise Again’ (amongst others) that they know how to write a rousing song and with ‘Built For Change’ they have done it again.


It’s a signature Rainband track with the trademark powerful guitar from Phil and Martin on top form with his vocals, when he hits his sweet spot its near perfection, and as with all Rainband tracks it grabs you from your first listen. It’s catchy, It’s uplifting and as with all Rainband songs it is indie perfection.

BBC Radio have picked up on the track to and my hope is that ‘Built For Change’ could hopefully be the platform for The Rainband to finally have the commercial success they deserve and press on to become the force they have proved they can be.


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