Twisted Wheel, No More. Jonny Brown, Forever?


Like many people I have seen Twisted Wheel more times than I can even remember and was slightly saddened last week to hear of their demise. I say slightly saddened, not as a dig, but because I feel the writing has been on the wall for a while.

2008-2010 saw the band at their absolute pomp. Amazing live shows in which the band gave their all, every show, some of which were in support of massive artists including Oasis and the release of their self titled debut album which featured 11 belting tracks and an album which is still a regular listen for many of us now. I feel that the reason for this was that Jonny, Rick and Adam were a trio that clicked and worked perfectly. Jonny with his irrepressible stage presence and his scrappy vocals, Rick and Adam keeping the rhythm tight but also allowing Jonny to take center stage. Twisted Wheel it seemed were unstoppable.

It was then, through mutual friends with the band, that I began to hear rumours that Rick and Adam had left. This then became confirmed news. I am sure I would have been forgiven for thinking thanks for the memories and here comes the Jonny Brown solo career, but it wasn’t to be. Over the (slightly crazy) coming years Eoghan and Stephen came and went. Blair and (another) Adam came and went. Max came and went and 2nd album ‘Do It Again’, despite featuring some great songs like ‘Ride’, failed to match up to It’s self titled predecessor. It had begun to feel like Jonny and friends. Twisted Wheel it seemed were falling apart.

And so, on 13th July 2014, with a simple “R.I.P Twisted Wheel” social media message, that was that.

tw jonny

Fear not though. Jonny it would appear is about to embark on the solo career that his talents and stage presence deserve. He has taken over the slot that Wheel were due to perform at Liverpool Calling, joined the crazy world of Twitter (give him a follow @jonnybrown009) and I couldn’t be happier.

I am genuinely excited to see what kind of stuff Jonny can produce on his own. He undoubtedly has huge talent, his voice carries the perfect mix of gravel and melody, his song writing is superb, the kid can play guitar and when he’s on stage he is captivating. It all adds up to success which I’m sure he’s going to get. His loyal Twisted Wheel disciples, myself included, will follow and newcomers will undoubtedly join along the way.

Sure the nostalgic side of me wishes the original Twisted Wheel had took over the world like they had shown the promise to do in the early days but nobody can begrudge Jonny of his time now. The old classics will be played I’m sure and the new tunes that he has promised will in time, surely, become new classics.

Jonny, All the best mate… See you at the future shows

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