Rum Thief- Debut single ‘Dirty Shoes’

front cover

1) Dirty Shoes
2) My Friend
Out August 15th

In Rum Thief Manchester surely has one of the biggest talents in the U.K at the moment and after the amazing ‘Clouded Mind EP’ are back and keeping momentum going with debut single ‘Dirty Shoes’.

‘Dirty Shoes’ is a monster of a track with a romping bassline, dirty guitar riffs, a spacey guitar solo and a vocal that will blow your mind. The grittyness of the vocals combine with what is an energetic track musically to create an animal of a tune that is going to be repeating on you all day.

Lyrically the track will be autobiographical for many of It’s listeners. “Cheap Cider, Cigarettes and dirty shoes” repeats through the track and will resonate with most people as will the story behind the song which a close listen to the lyrics will reveal something that will evoke memories of something that has happened to us all.

B-Side ‘My Friend’ shows the versatility of Rum Thief and demonstrates his talents his perfectly. Its slower that its predecessor and shows that Rum Thief can provide emotion as well as hostility. It compliments ‘Dirty Shoes’ perfectly and is one of my favourite Rum Thief songs to date.

To celebrate the release of the single Rum Thief is having a launch party on the 15th August with free entry at Mono Bar, Chorlton and it’s here you can be the first to purchase the single and see Rum Thief live supported by the excellent Jackson Wolf and The Marivaux. Get On It!

I truly believe that this single could be the platform to launch Rum Thief in to the stratosphere and I expect big things to come from them.

Visit their soundcloud to download the sublime ‘Clouded Mind EP’


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