MrP Presents- No Hot Ashes, Kraak, 5th September with Jordan Allen Band and Velocets. Preview


Mr Peeps Presents:
No Hot Ashes
Jordan Allen Band
5th September 2014, Kraak Gallery&Space
Sponsored by Merc Clothing

Lets make some noise. Be Loud.


For the last few months my Twitter has been aglow with hype surrounding No Hot Ashes. Their support slot for Puppet Rebellion was a huge success as was their support slot for upcoming superstars Blossoms, they have stormed Blackthorn Festival and announced that they are, in September, heading in to the studio to work with renowned producer Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Robert Plant and Ocean Colour Scene amongst many others). To say that their star is shining brightly at the moment would be an understatement and I have no doubt that after headlining Mr Peeps Presents on Friday night they will be one of the brightest stars in the sky. Supporting No Hot Ashes is an illustrious line up of Velocets (back with a new drummer Thom) and Jordan Allen (performing with a full band rather than his usual solo setup).

If quality clothing is what you are after then the evenings sponsor Merc Clothing will be bang up your street. Since 1967 Merc have been at the heart of fashion, in particular Mod fashion, and are well known for their distinctive and unique clothing. They are huge promoters of new, upcoming music talent and have shown this by supporting the evening with their sponsership. Merc have provided Mr Peeps with some clothing and vouchers to give away on the night so keep an eye out for that.

Jordan Allen Band

“Dubbed Manchester’s Answer to Jake Bugg, but he’s so much better than that” – Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

Jordan Allen comes in to this gig fully loaded. Usually a solo act he is now backed by a full band which will, if at all possible, enhance the Jordan Allen sound and experience. Often compared to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg and Reverend and the Makers but for me Jordan Allen is Jordan Allen. He is a wordsmith and musician in his own right (and a very snappy dresser). Honest, frank and funny lyrics combine with his catchy melodies to create his own brand of music. Particular highlights for me are ‘Set In Stone’ and ‘Remembered’. Those of you who watch Soccer AM may recognise ‘Remembered’ as it was this weekend featured on their League 1&2 goals highlights, a huge feat for Jordan and one which I am massively proud of him for. The bands set promises to be an absolute blast. I haven’t been lucky enough to catch a live set from Jordan but I only ever hear amazing reviews and now he is backed by a full band of talented musicians too I can only begin to imagine the wonders that they can produce. Make sure you get in early and see this unmissable band and their unmissable set.


What can I say about Velocets that hasn’t already been said? These lads make big music and have a big reputation. They have a new drummer Thom and are set to head in to the studio soon and treat us to some new Velocets classics but in the mean time will be tearing it up on the Kraak stage for us on Friday and I cannot wait to see these guys in action. This is a band who were made for live music. A passion for performing ensures that you get a proper show when Velocets are in town. They soar through their sets with an energy and fury that is second to none and have a stage presence that will leave you captivated. If you wasn’t aware of the lads before then after Friday night you will be as they leave a lasting impression on all that are lucky enough to see them. It is all set to be a special set from this special band and one which I am chomping at the bit to see.

No Hot Ashes

There are precious few bands around that I feel as passionate about than Friday nights headliners No Hot Ashes. Isaac, Luigi, Matt and Jack aka No Hot Ashes are a special, special band with a huge future and Friday will be the perfect opportunity to see the lads in what is set to be a real “I was there” moment. As I mentioned before, the lads are due to go in to the studio and record their new single and B side with Gavin Monaghan who has produced some of the biggest names around and must, rightly so, see a lot of potential in No Hot Ashes also.
One of the things I love about NHA is that for such a young set of lads they are so musically assured, they create songs that have a maturity far beyond their years and some of their riffs and hooks are sublime and beautifully crafted, ‘Cigs & PG Tips’ is a classic example of this. They also have a way with words, their cheeky lyricism compliments their musical abilities perfectly.
Friday night is set to be a very very special night for NHA and they are going to be fired up for the occasion which can only make for an unforgettable headline show. Anyone who has been lucky enough to see the guys live already will tell you that NHA will take nothing off stage with them, they leave all that they have up there and for a show this big and all about them they are bound to be bring it 10x more.
With their psychedelic, funky and experimental vibe I genuinely believe that if Not Hot Ashes carry on in the manner in which they are now then we could have the biggest thing since The Stone Roses and Oasis on our hands.


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