Vendettas- ‘Stuck In Your World’ & ‘What You Say Girl’


This week I was fortunate enough to have the brand new double A side ‘Stuck In Your World’ & ‘What You Say Girl’ land in my inbox and as double A sides go this is as solid an effort as you could wish for.

For those of you unaware, Vendettas are Luke, Ryan and Robert and hail from Leeds. Excellently described as ‘Britmod’, Vendettas are an insanely talented band who are set to be at the heart of the mod scene for a long time to come.

In both their looks and their sound Vendettas capture the true essence of the Mod scene and are sure to be a surefire favourite for  many.


From its alluring artwork to the 2 tracks on the EP this self titled EP is a belter, one of the best things I’ve heard all year.

EP opener ‘Stuck In Your World’ is a compelling track that powers through at just over 2 minutes. It showcases all that is good about Vendettas. Be it the powerful drums, catchy bassline, infectious guitars or the Beatlesesque break halfway through the track ‘Stuck In Your World’ has all the hallmarks of being a classic Vendettas song.

‘What You Say Girl’, available to stream on Soundcloud, is an infectious number that is guaranteed to be spiralling around your head for days as it has been mine. From its cantagious “woahs” to its quality guitar solo ‘What You Say Girl’, at just under 3 minutes, is your quintessential “Britmod” track.

The ‘What You Say Girl’ video can be found here, check it out!

One of the most impressive things about the 2 tracks, and it is something that is becoming a real hallmark of Vendettas work, is the vocals and vocal harmonies that they can produce. It’s evident from the offset in these 2 songs that the lads know how to write the perfect harmonies to back up their already infectious melodies.


The EP is set to be launched with a top night at The Wardrobe, with an excellent support of Sam Neil, The Velveteens and ETS. Tickets are only a fiver so there is absolutely no excuse not to be there.

All in all this is another solid effort from Vendettas who are proving that they are a dependable band capable of taking the Mod scene and more by storm. Expect big things.

Release date 25th October 2014


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