No Hot Ashes- ‘Goose’ & ‘Skank’


The 22nd October sees the eagerly anticipated release of the brand new single, ‘Goose’, from Manchester’s finest up and coming young band No Hot Ashes. (Available to download and as a hard copy) The track has been produced by the illustrious Gavin Monaghan, the man behind classics like The Back Room by Editors and also known from his work with Robert Plant and JAWS to name but a few, at his Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton.

With their stock understandably rising fast and them earning praise from a lot of print and online blogs, news that No Hot Ashes had gone in to the studio with Gavin Monaghan accompanied by Mr Peeps had left us drooling in anticipation of what the 3 of them could conjure up. The result? A borderline genius set of tracks in ‘Goose’ and ‘Skank’.

What No Hot Ashes have is an extraordinary talent for making an irresistible and unique brand of Indie Funk that has the capability of going in through the ears and sticking to the brain causing the uncontrollable desire to dance regardless of where you are (On more than one occasion at my work this week I have been rumbled trying to imitate Isaac’s trademark dance moves whilst listening to Goose on my iPod) and Goose from its spacy guitar intro leading to the rhythm section coming in through to the closing bars is the prime example of this talent.

Having Gavin Monaghan produce this track was a masterstroke. What he has managed to do in conjunction with the lads is accentuate all of the finer details, therefore adding an extra dimension to the foundations NHA had already put in place.

Adding to what is an already strong back catalogue, Goose is a stomper of a track that is guaranteed to have you dancing along with its inescapable funk and, in my opinion, is their finest effort to date. It has soaring guitar effects, a bassline that will encapsulate you and polished funky drums that far exceed what a band this young should be producing¬†and is the ultimate testament to No Hot Ashes ability. The vocals have the now trademark No Hot Ashes swagger and Isaac is on-point as he mixes his superb vocal ability with grunts and gravel bringing a more passionate edge to proceedings. The chorus is a catchy affair and will have you singing “Is she imaginary?” and “GOOSE!” alongside the lads and will be in your head for the rest of the day. Matt’s drumming is absolutely second to none on Goose, he is the perfect backdrop for the song. Every cymbal tap and drum beat partners the the contagious bassline being provided by Jack to perfection.

I truly believe this could be the track to bring No Hot Ashes to the attention of the masses and put them (deservedly) on track to being real music powerhouses.

B-Side Skank is the perfect accompaniment to Goose.

The opening bassline sets this track off to greatness and is soon followed by another passionate vocal with Isaac who, almost rapping his way through the track in a fervent manner, is, as always, spot on vocally. Another perfect rhythm section display from Jack and Matt help hammer this track home. The two of them combine with such aplomb again and seem to have a genuine connection that brings out the ultimate in NHA funk. Again the guitars soar through the track with their effects and perfect licks and riffs with Isaac and Luigi again combining to create melodic greatness. As if it was needed ‘Skank’ helps showcase the talents of this band because as B-Sides go this is as strong a showing as you could wish for and would hold its weight easily as an A-Side for many other bands out there.

NHA - Goose 1

The artwork, as shown above, is designed by Florence Burns and is an absolute beaut. A perfect cover for the single and one that I personally will be framing and putting on my wall when I buy my physical copy. The band have also had it made in to stickers so keep your eye out for those in Manchester and the surrounding areas soon.

Just to recap, the track is available as a download from iTunes and in physical copy as well as being able to stream on Spotify from 22nd October.


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