Darlia- Stars Are Aligned


Darlia are back with their newest track ‘Stars Are Aligned’ (Released 27th October, available for pre-order now) and it sees the band on absolute top form.

The follow up to the more pop infused ‘Dear Diary’ sees Darlia return to their more familiar Grunge inspired Rock forte.

It’s a polished, well produced and a super slick effort from the Blackpool trio. A stadium rock intro crescendos in to fierce guitars and Nathan sounding better than he ever has but It’s a typically catchy chorus that steals the show on this track for me as it hints at just how big this band can become. With each and every track that the guys release they are building towards deserved stadium rock worthiness.

Despite owning the entire Darlia back catalogue and them being a regular listen on my work playlist it’s live where Darlia shine and are at their blistering best. ‘Stars Are Aligned’ will be a quality addition to their live repertoire.
They are supporting former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way on his forthcoming solo tour in what will be a series of must see shows.

The video (below) is a captivating effort and goes hand in hand with the track.

All in all I think this is the strongest Darlia effort to date and one they can be massively proud of. With them churning out solid single after single the hankering for a Darlia album increases yet again.


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