Scott Lloyd- ‘Give Me Something’


Scott Lloyd is back with his 3rd EP ‘Give Me Something’, released 10th November. Scott has been steadily establishing himself as one of Manchester’s finest singer/songwriters and ‘Give Me Something’, the follow up to ‘Long Live You’ and ‘The Northern Gate’, sees Scott further propel himself.

Each of Scott’s EPs have got progressively better and this, his best effort to date, follows that route. It’s his most accomplished work so far with all 6 tracks showing the talents that this marvelous singer/songwriter have. Scott manages to take you on a journey with his songwriting on this EP with title track ‘Give Me Something’ being a particularly poignant story of a track.

The EP opens with ‘God I Say’ which is one of Scotts best and most powerful efforts to date. A perfect showcase to his guitar and harmonica combination talents ‘God I Say’ also features a passionate vocal. A recently released video sees Scott performing the track in an abandoned warehouse and is a fitting accompaniment to the track. Next up is title track ‘Give Me Something’. Scott demonstrates his songwriting ability on this track. A story of life’s struggles lyrics like “All these 12 hour shift in a row are bringing me down/ When is there going to be some good news for me in this town?/ I feel like I am all on my own/ They’re taxing all my things to the bone/ Well don’t you know how hard it can be?” are such passionate lyrics that in this current climate are bound to resonate with so many people. It’s a truly beautiful story that reflects today’s modern society. Jaunty track ‘What Have I Gotta Do’ is up next. At little over 2 minutes its a shot of happiness which is guaranteed to have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time. Track 4 is ‘Picture In My Mind’. This song has been stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks and is another of the EP’s true highlights. A beautiful track with a belting melodic harmonica section midway through. Scott is steadily making his own sound and track 5 ‘Make That Mistake’ could be the classic example of this. Typically Scott Lloyd great guitar work and solid vocal compliment the catchy lyrics on this track. Another real gem. Last up is the longest track on the EP ‘Is This What You Dreamed Of’. The EP is bookended by this and ‘God I Say’ which feature two of Scott’s best vocals to date. ‘Is This What You Dreamed Of’ is an outstanding finish to an outstanding EP.

To Pre-Order the EP in both physical and digital versions visit


Monday 17th November is the official launch party of the EP at the Eagle Inn, Salford and is not to be missed. Support is in the excellent shape of Bones and Liam Mcclair and tickets are just 4 quid so there is no excuse really. There is a link for the tickets here


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