Blackthorn 2017-Preview 2

Blackthorn Festival 2017
Preview Part 2

Dantevilles: Judging by how 2017 has started it will be the year that deservedly catapults the Dantevilles name in to the hearts of the masses. It started with the release of their endearing Indie Pop anthem Graffiti, an absolute must hear and Emerging North regular play, and builds to a huge headline show at Sound Control, Manchester on June 3rd. It’s then we hit what I anticipate to be a busy festival season for Dantevilles capped off with a slot at Blackthorn which you don’t wanna miss. They have the hallmarks of being a perfect festival band with infectious summer anthems and slick, polished live performances.

October Drift: Without doubt one of the most incredible, unpredictable and ferocious live bands around. There is never a dull moment when October Drift are in town and their set is guaranteed to leave you catatonic. They specialise in stadium sized indie monsters that seem primed for festival main stages though I, not so secretly, hope that they will be playing the Meadow or Paddock stage in order to get a more intimate view and feel of the carnage that is set to ensue. Do not miss October Drift.

False Advertising: This band is an Emerging North favourite and someone that we are desperate to play Emerging North Live in the not too distant future. It’s lazy to say but they combine all the edgy rawness of pre mainstream Wolf Alice with the Seattle Grunge scene of the early 90s and it’s a sonically pleasing combination that is devilishly moreish. The band recently headed stateside for SXSW and, judging by the social media frenzy, False Advertising only enhanced their ever growing reputation and can now officially claim to be a worldwide artist. My suggestion? Listen to the bands vast and impressive back catalogue and join me in the fields for a mosh. See you there.

The Blinders: I think it would be fair to say that there aren’t many more exciting bands to be coming from these shores than The Blinders. Sure, they bring an angry and somewhat confrontational stance to their shows but it’s something that, unlike some of the bands being banded about in the same category, it comes naturally and unforced and has a more fluid feel . Their shows are alluring in their frenzy and I’m intrigued to see how they adapt their set for the festival stage. They are a shoo in to be a festival highlight for many. Be there.

Eyes peeled for the 3rd and final part of our Blackthorn Festival preview coming soon.


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