Live Review-Bang Bang Romeo-N&D

Night and Day Cafe, Manchester

It takes a special something to get people to a gig on a school night and they don’t come much more special than a line up like this. The 3 incredible bands on tonight may all be at differing steps of the journey but they have one common goal. Stardom.

The night finally got off to a frenetic start thanks to the gloriously chaotic musings of Mint. They play a set that seems to have a Manchester influence intertwine through the heart of it but remain undeniably Mint. New single Hypoallergenic stands out as a future smash but, whilst their whole set list leaves a mark on those in attendance, it’s their penultimate track (I didn’t catch the name) that stands out as the highlight of the whole set. There is plenty of evidence as the band perform that there is something special in these lads, they seem to be on the precipice of creating something wonderful. As well as being sonically pleasing the band are easy on the eye too. They perform with a passionate fury that at its peak is hard to take your eyes off. They are a band growing in confidence and stature and I really look forward to seeing these lads again… maybe at an Emerging North Live night soon?

If you to really kick your Wednesday night off then you can only turn to one band really. Saytr Play. Their downright fun and energy is a breath of fresh air in what can sometimes be a serious Manchester music scene. They perform at their usual 100mph and are in celebratory mood after This Feeling made their new single, Mothers Love, track of the day. One thing that becomes evident to me throughout their set is that this band is getting tighter and tighter with every gig I see them play. The rhythm section seems to have a solid telepathic understanding and keep the whole operation ticking whilst guitarist Jamie, much like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles super villain, has become a demon shredder. All this allows Fred the freedom to be the perfect frontman blending charm, showmanship and musical ability harmoniously to craft a cpativating figure. They really are the real deal at the moment. Don’t let the fun and games fool you though, beneath it all is band with a core of wanting to make a serious assault at the masses.

Bang Bang Romeo come to Manchester surrounded by a buzz and hype that is hard to match. They are about to embark on the summer festival season as part of the Jack Rocks 7, 7 hotly tipped bands that Jack Daniels and This Feeling are correctly tipping to blow minds, they have celebrity backing from the likes of Peter Crouch and Abbie Clancy and leave a lasting impression on everybody that they grace the stage for. On the back of all this you’d be forgiven for thinking that their could be a great amount of pressure on Bang Bang Romeo.

You’d be wrong.

I’ve been lucky enough to see BBR a few times now but what I witness from them tonight is something extra special. This is a band for whom the sky really is the limit. Their limitless talent and abilities are on full show tonight as the band bombard their way through their headline set with a synergy that has clearly been built up over the past few years through sheer graft and determination to succeed. They are the perfect collision of the past, present and future of all that is good about Rock music and the way it will evolve.

A Bang Bang Romeo set usually has a dark and sultry feel and this one is no different as the band own the stage showing off tracks like Johannesburg and the hauntingly beautiful Chemical.

It wouldn’t be a BBR review if I didn’t mention the bands unrivalled presence and performance. Whilst watching them perform it is difficult to know where to focus. Ross, with all his effortless cool and ability, makes guitar playing look like childs play, Joel has a commanding presence with his shock of blonde hair and exquisite Rickenbacker bass, Richard keeps things ticking in an understated yet impeccable manner on the drums, but, ultimately, it’s Anastacia’s incredible display that commands attention. She patrols the stage with an almost vengeful spirit and her vocal performance is something to behold and almost mesmeric.

The summer festival season is set to be a defining time for this band and I cannot urge you enough to check them out should you see them on the bill of any you may be attending. It’s the likes of Night and Day/festival big tents now but it will be Main Stages and arenas before you know it.


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