Music Review-Brothers of Mine-The Answer

Brothers Of Mine
The Answer

I have an oft thought of prophecy that ALL scousers can sing. I don’t know whether it is influenced by having listened to The Beatles, The Coral, The La’s and Atomic Kitten throughout my formative years but I couldn’t name a bad band from the city (I’m choosing to ignore The Wombats). So it’s no surprise that the emerging scene in the city is thriving and they can add yet another incredible band to the list in Brothers of Mine.

The bands debut single landed in my inbox this week and it had an instant effect on me.

I was struck by the professionalism of this track. Too often I am sent debut tracks with a raw edge but this is clinically produced and perfectly honed in. The track is beautifully layered. The delicate little claps in the chorus, that i’m sure will catch on with the bands live audiences, and the catchy harmonies towards the end of the track give The Answer a defining finishing touch. It’s a catchy and sonically pleasing track throughout.

I can’t wait to hear more from these guys and hopefully check them out on the live stage too.

If the Merseyside 5 piece can build on the foundations that this track has laid down for them then they have a BIG future just around the corner, just around the bend.


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