Music Review-Embers-Signs/Unbound

Out Now

Embers are reignited.

After a brief hiatus from music, the Manchester 4 piece return with a new drummer, Dan, and a hand in hand release of Signs and Unbound.

Embers have spent the best part of the last four years establishing themselves as a band with huge potential to be the next breakthrough stadium sized and that potential shows no sign of deteriorating despite their recent break.

Signs begins in a typically rousing manner and builds upon this throughout. The track is beautifully layered and each band member contributes something as perfect and vital as the next right the way through the core of this beautifully crafted masterpiece. It’s a beautiful assault on the senses and my suggestion is to get your best headphones, plug them in and play this LOUD!

Unbound walks hand in hand with Signs and matches it’s sister track step for step. Don’t be fooled by the laid back acoustics at the start of the track because it crescendos in to a perfect wave of sound that you should just open up for and allow to engulf you for the whole 3:55 of this track. Unbound could just be the peak of Embers’ powers so far.

I, for one, am absolutely delighted that Embers have returned. I have no doubt that, with Signs and Unbound as the foundation, Embers will now build upon these releases and cement their position as one of the most important and expansive bands around.


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