Music Review-Kashmere-Porcelain

Out Now

The post Christmas/New Year blues have set in and we all sit and dream about summer and the holidays that it brings.

Enter Kashmere and their new track Porcelain. It’s tropical feel will have you thinking of sun, sea, sand and…

It’s a little piece of summer in a song

Following on from Blow Your Mind was never going to be easy but the Kashmere lads have smashed it with Porcelain. From first listen I guarantee you’re going to be hooked but don’t rest on your laurels because the track is grower and after a few listens you’re going to have a new favourite track. Fact.

It’s as though everything has fallen in to place with Porcelain. The intricate guitar work, effective bass and drum work and Joey’s best vocals to date provide Kashmere with their finest hour so far.

Porcelain is available to buy from iTunes and to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Please do so and help support your local musicians.


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