Music Review-Larkins-Velvet


Out Now

It’s here.

Velvet has landed and goodness me it’s every bit the anthem that being played on the live stage had billed it to be.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Since his arrival, Henry has added a layer of funk to the band that it wasn’t known was needed but that they now couldn’t be without and Velvet is the new proof. His effortless cool and skill on the bass is personified on this track from start to finish. The inclusion of a bass solo, a dying art, tops it off for him perfectly.
The rest of the track is layer upon layer of precocious musicianship. The light and shade of Josh’s vocal is masterful. The guitar work from Josh and Dom is magnificent in its intricacy and, as usual, Matt backs this all up with a performance that is somehow powerful yet understated on the drums.
All this pieced together is a fresh and dynamic radio ready track that is surely set to take the band to the next level and lest we forget that we have, what I am reliably informed to be, a spell-binding video to come.
I feel like I say this with every release, but, this the peak of Larkins powers so far and, despite all that has come before it, we can still expect bigger and better from this incredible group because this is just the beginning of the story. With Scruff of the Neck records on board the world is now their oyster. Go out and grab it lads, do us proud.


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