Music Review-Plastic House-City Dont Sleep

Out Now.

Plastic House are one of the most promising emerging acts to come out of Manchester at the moment and the release of their new single City Don’t Sleep the band only bolster their reputation.

The band’s previous Hold On EP was one my highlights of, what ended up being an incredible, 2016 and City Don’t Sleep is already shaping up as a contender to be a highlight of 2017.

They are the current masters of a crescendoing Rock anthem and City Don’t Sleep proves exactly with its glorious light and shade. It’s mellow points transition in to the blistering chorus perfectly as the band build up to full stride and show us exacly what Plastic House are capable of and why there is a buzz around this band at the moment.

Whenever I listen to Plastic House I can’t help but imagine that they are making the kind of music that early Kings of Leon would have made had they been an inner city band rather than from deep in the sticks. Frontman Oliver’s vocals take me to the same place that Caleb’s vocals do too. Divine.

There is a superb video which features some brilliant images of Manchester to accompany the track. You can find this at the top of the article and it’s well worth a watch.


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