Larkins- Sugar Sweet

Yes. Yes. Yes. All roads have led Larkins to this point. Sugar Sweet is here and it couldn’t be any more of a perfect encapsulation of this band if it tried.

As an early vibe chaser of Larkins nothing delights me more than the success that the band is currently experiencing. From sold out shows at Gorilla to this release, Sugar Sweet, Larkins, much like Midas, have the golden touch at the moment and there are none more deserving than Josh, Dom, Henry, Joe and the immense support unit this band have.

Sugar Sweet is a succulent Indie Pop peach that’s ripe and ready for mass consumption. It’s instantly recognisable as a Larkins track thanks to the complex maze of catchy and intricate riffs and licks that provide the backdrop to what I can only describe as the best set of vocals we’ve had from Josh yet.

It’s certainly a Sugar Sweet piece of Indie Pop that will surely have the music big guns salivating at the prospect of having Larkins on their books. Big things beckon.


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