Crimsons- Shy Talk EP

As someone with who gravitates towards to dark, brooding music there is no surprise that Crimsons have come along and had a profound effect on what I listen to.

Having previously wowed me with I Bring The Rain and Idle Ways I was delighted to hear of a new EP coming our way, one that featured 4 new tracks. Shy Talk EP is here and a clear indicator that this band mean business.

The EP opens with the title track Shy Talk. The straining ambience that kicks things off is a barometer of the wall of darkness that will ensue. What follows for this track is 4:31 of devilishly dark beauty that nods at its pioneering Mancunian post punk influences but with its own individuality.

On to Before Again and at just 2:12 it’s a ray of positivity amongst the electric storm of devilry surrounding it on this EP. It will leave you breathless and in wonderment.

Nights Darkest Side starts off at almost ballad like speed and shows a more sensual side of the band. That is, until, the final minute or so where you realise the false sense of softness you have been lulled in to and Crimsons hit you with the juxtaposition of bold and

Born On A Different Day sees us out in stark contrast to the way we got going as it hits you with an almost electro funk feel that juxtaposed with the somber vocals of Sam- which may I add are a shining point of this EP- shouldn’t really work but does so well. My favourite track on the record.

All in all this is an unrelenting effort from Crimsons that showcases all that this band has to offer whilst whetting the appetite for more to come from this incredibly talented emerging band.


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