Saytr Play- Mothers Love

I think I may be out of superlatives for this band now but here, goes…

Saytr Play have brought us an ode to that strongest of loves, Mothers Love, and it’s a certified summer anthem.

I’ll be honest and say that when I saw the title of this track I wandered whether the band may have headed in a softer direction. Nope. It’s every bit the upbeat and jaunty track we’ve learned to expect from this band and which they excel at.

Saytr Play have carved out an image and a sound for themselves that is both instantly recognisable and uniquely theirs. The Lancashire Strokes if you will. Mothers Love follows that trend on perfectly. It’s instantly recognisable as a Saytr Play classic thanks in part to its feel good funky guitar and bass licks and riffs coupled with Fred’s New York/Preston combination vocals. It’s a sun kissed song with perfect melodies and harmonies that arrives at the perfect time as we approach festival season.

Mothers Love is the band’s first big foray in to their assault on the mainstream and all the indicators are, it’s going to be a serious one.


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