Glass Phantoms- Funeral Song/Call My Name

When you think of Dirty Alternative Blues your mind hardly wanders to the idyllic countyside surroundings of The Lake District but here to shatter them perceptions are Glass Phantoms.

Having already wowed with their previous release, the stomping I Am The Dark, and blown minds with an incredible slot at a recent Emerging North Live it’s safe to say that I am a massive Glass Phantoms convert but the arrival of Funeral Song/Call My Name has merely cemented that fact further.

Funeral Song comes along every bit as sinister as its name would suggest. It is a brutal attack on the senses that leaves you punch drunk and begging for more. There is a bombastic blend of huge riffs and guttural vocals that rip it up from start to finish. If you needed to know what this band is all about then look no further than Funeral Song.

Despite my initial wishes Call My Name you will be glad to know isn’t a brash cover of the Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez Versini-IliketobecalledjustCherylnow pop ditty but a bruising track that lulls you in to a false sense of security before unleashing in to a barbaric onslaught that leaves you dazed but enthralled. My favourite Glass Phantoms track so far.

Having just lost bass player Tom I have a feeling things may be quiet on the Glass Phantoms front for a little while but let us savour the presence of Funeral Song and Call My Name and count down the days until their return.


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