Corella- Barcelona Girl

STOP. Stop everything you are doing. It’s here! The soundtrack to every festival, every holiday, every memory you make this summer that you’ve been looking for has arrived courtesy of Corella. 

I literally don’t know where to start with this solid gold piece of indie…

Is it the sublime vocals thank to Joel? From the first bar of Barcelona Girl to the very last Joel provides us with as smooth an indie vocal as you could wish to hear. 

Is it the dreamy guitar that is the very beating heart of this track and makes it the perfect illustration of how tropical indie should be done?  

Or is it the fact that for 3 years I’ve run this website and can count on one hand the amount of times that I’ve heard a track that has had as instant an effect on me as Barcelona Girl? 

Let it forever be known as the cornerstone for all that Corella go on to do and, believe me, there is going to be plenty. 

I’ve been absolutely blown away by Barcelona Girl and I can’t wait to see the reaction to it being played live. Festival tents the country over are gonna be bouncing. 


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