VNETO- Intertwine 

Sat at his drum kit at the back of the stage Matt Williams was a commanding presence in Larkins before his departure from the band at the end of last year. His influence on the band was clear and it was evident that he was a real talent so his departure came as a big shock to many.

I spoke to him not long after the parting of ways and he assured me he would be back with a new project. That new project is now here. VNETO

VNETO, for the time being, is a labour of love for Matt. Much in the form of Dave Grohl and the early Foo Fighter material, Matt has gone DIY for the freshman VNETO release and, as proof of the guys talent, recorded all aspects of debut track Intertwine himself.

You’d never know.

Such is the manner in which the track was recorded you’d forgive things being rough around the edges but Intertwine is slick piece of Tropical Indie that oozes summer vibes. The jangly guitar that runs through the track is utterly dreamy and at last the smooth vocals that Matt teased us with in the harmonies of his former band take to the fore and are given chance to shine.

As you’d expect there is a commanding drum performance at the core of Intertwine and I expect this to continue as the band progresses.

Out on August 5th Intertwine is a superb track that serves its purpose of leaving you wanting more from VNETO and I can’t wait to see what else will be on offer from this fledgling band.

VNETO’s first gig is on September 2nd at The Castle Hotel, Manchester for Scruff of The Neck and I urge you to get down and support this band from the start. Say you were there. Tickets are available here.


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