Courtyards- Everything

Having done this website for over 3 years I have seen my fair share of bands who have seemed to have a lot of potential but then fallen by the wayside and that’s why it is all the sweeter when you see a band exceed the vision you had of them. That’s exactly what Courtyards have done.

I first saw a young Courtyards support Larkins at Deaf Institute around 18 months ago, and, whilst it was a confident performance they were effectively a covers band. The one shining moment in their set was an original track that showed the abilities of this band perfectly and hinted a bright future, however, even I didn’t think that the band would push on in the way they have.

Having brought us Go Down and Firelight already Courtyards are now enjoying their finest hour yet thanks to their most recent release Everything, a sunshine infused piece of Indie Pop that lasts long in the memory.

Everything presents itself as effervescent indie caffeine, it’s a track to keep you going. There is a real maturity about this song. The atmospheric, punchy guitars and a coming of age vocal from frontman Matt are a step up from the dirge that exists on the indie scene at any given time.

The song is backed up by a genial video that showcases the fun side of the band and is a pleasurable watch.

Courtyards have experienced an extraordinary rise that culminates with where they are now with Everything, yet, its clear there is still much more to come. The sky really is the limit for this band.


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