Gardenback- Bulldogs

Back in February we had Gardenback headline an installment of our Emerging North Live nights at Aatma. It was very much a case of blind faith, I had never seen the band before and had only a demo to go off, but, it was very, very clear that this was a band that was going to be huge. The ‘gamble’ paid off. They went on to absolutely slay their set for us and left a lasting impression on the packed out crowd and instantly became one of my favourite bands.

A month later Gardenback released the vitalising double release Sleepless/Call It A Phase and established themselves even further. A partnership with Elephant management has only proved to be the icing on the cake.

The cherry on top of the icing now comes in the form of new single Bulldogs.

As distinctive and as bruising as the name would suggest, Bulldogs, as a song for the new generation, can prove to be as iconic to the Manchester music scene as its namesake is to this fair island of ours.

You are shaken from the off with the Kasabian on speed like bassline leading to a volley of jarring guitars and cohesive yet chaotic vocals.
The crys of ” you bark like a bulldog!” and “B-U-L-L-D-O-G!” imply that Bulldog has all the attributes of being a big fan favourite whenever Gardenback take to the stage.

I fully expect that the final months of 2017 and the year 2018 to be monumental for this exciting Oldham 3 piece and I’d be very surprised if Gardenback don’t being to make big waves soon. They certainly deserve it.


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