The Jackobins- Outside

Since I started Emerging North 3 years ago bands have come and bands have gone but one band that has stood the course of time and continued to grow in strength, calibre and efficiency are The Jackobins. Sure, there have been line up changes, but, there seems to be nothing that can stop this Merseyside juggernaut.

The key to The Jackobins longevity has undoubtedly been evolution. I first got in to this band because of their brooding, almost classic rock, stylings and had you told me 3 years ago that this band would eventually evolve in to one making stadium sized indie pop rock anthems then I’d have thought you mad. However, that now seems to be the case.

And, I love it.

Following on from their incredible last single, Nightfire, is the impossibly catchy Outside.


It’s no surprise to me that Outside has picked up national radio play on some of the biggest stations around because this is a track that oozes mainstream appeal.

Though the synth soaked musings of Outside will leave you as giddy as a child on E numbers thanks to its glorious hooks and melodies and yet another sublime Dominic vocal, it’s a track that has somewhat of a sinister side. Of the track the band say ““Outside was written about the dangers of solitude. It’s about the kid in school who has no true friends, the guy who is after a girl who doesn’t know he exists, the girl who isolates herself from others because she doesn’t yet know who she is. The track deals with the seductive danger of escaping to somewhere that isn’t real, descending into your own fantasy in isolation. In a world dominated by social media people are becoming lonelier, and often those left on the outside become jealous observers of other peoples’ airbrushed lives. This is probably our darkest track to date thematically.”

The special thing about the music that Jackobins release is that every new single instantly becomes my new favourite Jackobins song and this is no different. It’s got all the punch, pomp and precision that we have come to expect from this band and then some.

The good news and progression continues to come at a steady rate for the Jackobins lads. Not only has Outside been a huge success but they have also just been out on an extremely fruitful tour and signed to the imperious Zy Records.

Big things beckon.


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