Stillia- Deaf Institute preview

Little could we imagine when, last June, Stillia took to the stage at our Emerging North Live night at Manchester’s Live Room that it would be the start of an incredible journey. In the crowd that night was Ben Taylor, there for someone else but very much taken by the 4 incredibly talented, young upstarts. […]

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Saytr Play- Live at Deaf

I have to say, as I stood waiting for a bus having had to abandon a tram at Newton Heath, a victim of Saturday nights Metrolink madness, the thought of turning around, going home and missing tonight’s spectacle was a real prospect. I was cold, tired and massively behind schedule, due to miss at least […]

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Proletariat- Kiss of Death

Oldham has a great heritage for providing us with some incredible bands and the once great town is certainly thriving again. With a host of super talented bands like Louie Louie, Gardenback and Corella, to name but a few, all currently enjoying big success Oldham is once again putting itself on the musical map. It […]

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Corella- Say Something

Allow me to start with a simple, yet bold, statement: Corella are the most important emerging band in Manchester. They are a band at the absolute peak of their powers who can do no wrong. Fever. Barcelona Girl. Gorilla. Deaf Institute. Academy 3. Successful headline tour selling out towns the country over. It’s a list […]

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Edits: Don’t Speak 

The glorious thing about a music scene as thriving as the emerging Manchester one, is that just when you think you’ve heard it all, another hidden gem lands on your lap and you have a new band to admire.  This time around that hidden gem is courtesy of boy/girl “electronic other worldness” creators Edits and […]

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Cavana- Live at Ruby Lounge

It’s funny the sights you see at gigs. The dancers, the nodders, the lads, the ladies, the couples in love and the solo gig goers who have to wait til they finish their pint until they can piss, the lads for whom the gig scene isn’t the norm but they know the band and get […]

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The Jackobins- Outside

Since I started Emerging North 3 years ago bands have come and bands have gone but one band that has stood the course of time and continued to grow in strength, calibre and efficiency are The Jackobins. Sure, there have been line up changes, but, there seems to be nothing that can stop this Merseyside juggernaut. […]

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