Corella- Say Something

Allow me to start with a simple, yet bold, statement: Corella are the most important emerging band in Manchester. They are a band at the absolute peak of their powers who can do no wrong. Fever. Barcelona Girl. Gorilla. Deaf Institute. Academy 3. Successful headline tour selling out towns the country over. It’s a list […]

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The Jackobins- Outside

Since I started Emerging North 3 years ago bands have come and bands have gone but one band that has stood the course of time and continued to grow in strength, calibre and efficiency are The Jackobins. Sure, there have been line up changes, but, there seems to be nothing that can stop this Merseyside juggernaut. […]

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Gardenback- Bulldogs

Back in February we had Gardenback headline an installment of our Emerging North Live nights at Aatma. It was very much a case of blind faith, I had never seen the band before and had only a demo to go off, but, it was very, very clear that this was a band that was going […]

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Courtyards- Everything

Having done this website for over 3 years I have seen my fair share of bands who have seemed to have a lot of potential but then fallen by the wayside and that’s why it is all the sweeter when you see a band exceed the vision you had of them. That’s exactly what Courtyards […]

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Jekyll- Mania

When I ask you to think of Blackpool I expect that a tower, the beach and a pleasure beach come to mind. Fair enough. You may also think about rock. The rock that comes to mind, I imagine, is the sickly sweet stuff that comes in all shapes and sizes and rips your fillings out. […]

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The Jjohns- Lucy

The Jjohns is a name that I have seen flying about on social media thanks to the uber legendary This Feeling, but, were a band I had yet to taste the vibe of so, naturally, you can imagine my delight at an email from them about a new single, Lucy. Furthermore the single was recorded […]

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Factory- Violet Lips

Fearless and dynamic, Factory are a real emerging force on the unsigned music scene at the moment and Violet Lips is only going to enhance this bands claim to being one of the most clinical out there. The opening strains are reminiscent of peak era Oasis but it soon develops with much more brutality. The […]

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VNETO- Intertwine 

Sat at his drum kit at the back of the stage Matt Williams was a commanding presence in Larkins before his departure from the band at the end of last year. His influence on the band was clear and it was evident that he was a real talent so his departure came as a big […]

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Corella- Barcelona Girl

STOP. Stop everything you are doing. It’s here! The soundtrack to every festival, every holiday, every memory you make this summer that you’ve been looking for has arrived courtesy of Corella.  I literally don’t know where to start with this solid gold piece of indie… Is it the sublime vocals thank to Joel? From the […]

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