Music Review-Larkins-Velvet

Larkins Velvet Out Now It’s here. Velvet has landed and goodness me it’s every bit the anthem that being played on the live stage had billed it to be. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Since his arrival, Henry has added a layer of funk to the band that it wasn’t known […]

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Music Review-Kashmere-Porcelain

Kashmere Porcelain Out Now The post Christmas/New Year blues have set in and we all sit and dream about summer and the holidays that it brings. Enter Kashmere and their new track Porcelain. It’s tropical feel will have you thinking of sun, sea, sand and… It’s a little piece of summer in a song Following […]

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Music Review-Embers-Signs/Unbound

Embers Signs/Unbound Out Now Embers are reignited. After a brief hiatus from music, the Manchester 4 piece return with a new drummer, Dan, and a hand in hand release of Signs and Unbound. Embers have spent the best part of the last four years establishing themselves as a band with huge potential to be the […]

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Music Review- Corella- Fever

Corella Fever Out Now For those of you still unaware, Corella is a name you simply have to remember. The Manchester music scene is not short of incredible bands at the moment (luckily) but Corella are really beginning to rise head and shoulders above many others. Previous singles See The Day and Waterfall were perfect […]

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Music Review- Cassia- Weekender

Cassia Weekender Out Now Macclesfield’s Cassia have teamed up with venerable outfit Scruff of the Neck for their new release Weekender and it’s a match made in heaven. The band are already making big waves with their unique brand of “Calypso flavoured Tropi-Pop” but I’m confident that Weekender is going to take Cassia to the […]

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Music Review- Jackobins- Nightfire

The Jackobins Nightfire Out Now The Jackobins have brought us their new offering, Nightfire, and it would appear that the band are doing things slightly differently now. And I love it! Gone are the usual bold, heavy guitars of old and in comes a new, almost tropical flavour sound that, whilst it sees the band […]

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Music Review- Sauce- Love Shocks

Sauce Love Shocks Out Now I’ve told myself that I’m going to write this review without a pun on sauce so.. It’s an exciting time for sauce at the moment. They are about to release their new single, Love Shocks, on May 12th and will be launching the single in partnership with the mighty This […]

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Scott Lloyd- ‘Give Me Something’

Scott Lloyd is back with his 3rd EP ‘Give Me Something’, released 10th November. Scott has been steadily establishing himself as one of Manchester’s finest singer/songwriters and ‘Give Me Something’, the follow up to ‘Long Live You’ and ‘The Northern Gate’, sees Scott further propel himself. Each of Scott’s EPs have got progressively better and […]

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